Does the thought of finding beautiful outfits you and your family might only wear ONCE deter you from dressing up for your photo session - or even getting photos done at all?

As a family and senior photographer, my goal is to make planning your session EASY. You deserve to enjoy making memories with your family, and stressing out over all the details of putting together a photo session is NOT conducive to that. That's why I've compiled some resources I provide to all of my clients to take the guess-work out of preparing for your family or senior photos, and one of those resources I absolutely love is my client closet.

What the heck IS a client closet? It's a curated collection of clothing - mostly dresses - that matches my photography in both color and clothing style. I have carefully selected the dresses I offer because they match the vision of the sessions I love to do with you. Most of my client closet is geared towards dresses for ladies, but I also have many little girls' dresses, a few baby outfits, and even some items for the little guys! I also have a vest and bow tie for dad, too, and hope to expand this offering in the future. These items are selected for their quality and versatility - most of my dresses are bump friendly so are flattering for ladies of many sizes, whether you're expecting or not! For newborn sessions, I provide soft, specialized swaddling wraps and have a collection of hair bands and bows for baby girls.

When you book your session, I'll send you a link to my client closet so you can view photos of everything I have available along with sizing and other notes. If you decide to use something, we might meet up before your session so I can deliver items to try on, if there is time and it's convenient - otherwise we add a little extra time at the beginning of your session so you can try on a few things and pick what you like best! I even bring a portable changing tent with me to sessions to make it quick and easy to swap clothing (even if you're not borrowing mine)! At the end of your session, you'll change out of your client closet items and return them to me, and I'll do the laundry so they're ready for the next client, clean and fresh every time!

If you're not convinced yet, here are a few reasons I highly recommend giving the EGP client closet a try!

Teen girl runs hand through hair while her dress flies way out behind her during photos at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.
Parents stand smiling with their little girl during family photos at Spruce Mountain Over Space in Palmer Lake, CO.
Little girl smiles with hand on her hip during family photos at Monument Rock in Monument, CO.
Little girl stands smiling in the snow wrapped in a shawl during photos in Black Forest, CO
Couple dances together in a meadow looking out to Pikes Peak during photos in Woodland Park, CO.


Clothing your family is expensive. As a mama, I GET that. Especially with kids, who grow out of things so fast. And especially for attire that is beautiful, but not something you plan to wear everyday - or maybe ever again. Spending a lot on clothes you're probably going to wear just once feels icky, for most of us anyway. It's hard on your bank account, especially in trying economic times, and it can be plain wasteful! When you borrow client closet items, you're saving yourself potentially HUNDREDS of dollars on clothing you'll probably never use again. You'll end up with high-end, timeless, beautiful photos without breaking the bank, and that is a HUGE win!

I also understand that you're investing a lot of money into your session, and as a wife and mama who tries to do everything I can frugally, while not missing out on important experiences (like documenting our family over the years!) I am absolutely on the team of Save You Money!

Little girl sits among the plants and smiles during family photos at Phelan Gardens Greenhouse in Colorado Springs.
Dad squats and smiles with his young son during family photos at Mesa Overlook in Colorado Springs.

Dad's vest and both bow ties are in the EGP client closet!

Expecting mama poses smiling and holding her bump on a forest path during maternity photos at Blodgett Open Space.

This dress is perfect for ladies with bumps, and without!

Little girl holds her dress out to the sides in a meadow of wildflowers during family photos at Spruce Mountain Open Spa
Young woman in a dress poses holding her hat to the side in a meadow during photos near Woodland Park, CO.

Tip #2: Save time

As a mom and business owner, my time is precious. No matter how careful I am with it, time seems to pass SO quickly and I feel like I am just barely squeezing in All Of The Things that we need to do each day, each week. The last thing I need to do is add shopping to my list for EVERY member of the family - even online shopping, which honestly can be an even bigger time sucker scrolling through hundreds of options at various online stores. My selection is obviously more limited than the vast array of the World Wide Web, but it's already curated to ensure your photos with me turn out absolutely perfect, which takes the guesswork out of trying to decide what colors and styles to wear. You may still need to pick up shoes, or something for your husband or the little boys, but using the client closet definitely saves a LOT of time and energy and as a mama that is everything!

Husband dances with his wife from behind as she smiles downward during family photos at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs.
Little girl twirls in a cream dress during family photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
Little girl in a dress stands and grins big during family photos at Phelan Gardens Greenhouse in Colorado Springs.

Tip #3: Create editorial, timeless photos you'll always treasure

Along with access to my client closet, all of my clients receive a Styling Guide that gives advice on what to wear for every member of the family - styles that are flattering to many bodies and different areas of sensitivity, color suggestions, and more. Using client closet items ensures that you're utilizing these tips because the items in my closet fulfill all of my styling tips! While I will absolutely capture your memories joyfully when everyone shows up in jeans, and the results will still be lovely, choosing to skip the jeans and dress it up is a choice you will NOT regret. Choosing timeless, classy pieces to wear in light and neutral colors not only matches the way I shoot and edit your photos, but also means that down the road your kids and descendants won't think, "what on EARTH was mom wearing?!" Hahaha. :) Or maybe it's just me that worries about that! In any case, you'll end up with stunning photos you'll be so proud to hang in your home (which you absolutely should do! Don't leave them on the computer!) and remember each chapter of your family's story as it unfolds.

Little girl looks down while holding out her dress during family photos at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs.
Baby girl giggles in her mama's arms during family photos at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs.

Fall colors fit right in when the grass turns brown and the leaves turn golden!

Young woman in an orange dress poses holding her dress out and smiling at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs.
Senior girl stands in a meadow smiling during senior photos in Larkspur, Colorado.

These seniors both used the client closet with amazing results!

Senior girl in a dress walks down the path with hand in her hair during senior photos at Fox Run Park in Colorado Spring

Ready to give the EGP Client Closet a try?

Inquire today to get started planning your session! I can't wait to help you capture these memories to treasure forever!