Winter is so under-rated.

Sure, it can be brown and dead at times. Bundling up for the cold can be such a pain. But if you take the time to truly see between the lines, so to speak... winter is glorious. Especially for photos! Here are a few reasons I think you should seriously consider having your family or senior photos done during the winter!

Husband and wife snuggle up and smile while standing in the snow in Black Forest, Colorado.

1. Snow. Is. Magic!

It's cold, yes, but you can dress up SO nice AND warm and look beautiful and amazing! It's worth it to tough it out for 30-60 minutes in the snow because the white blanket all around you provides such a fresh, clean setting for your photos that is timeless and also unique to living in a place like Colorado! Having snow all around you makes YOU stand out in your photos, and that's where you want the attention to be. Even if the snow is simply blanketing the mountains in the background, it adds richness and a sweet seasonal element you can only get on rare occasion here on the front range - but don't be afraid to ask your photographer (especially if that's me!) to head to the mountains for an extra epic winter adventure!

Bonus: I'll even provide you all with hand warmers. :)

Teen girl in a sweater and beanie squats in the grass and smiles in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Teen girl walks through grass and snow as the sun sets in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2. Your photographer likely has more availability.

Our busy season is generally from about September through November. The winter months are quiet, because most people prefer to stay in, and had their photos done with the fall leaves or holiday themed sets. In a time where it's more likely that a weather reschedule can happen, too, it's great to know your photographer can likely accommodate your needs especially if you have a busy schedule and/or the weather is a bit too harsh!

And just think... come November/December, you'll already have your photos done and ready to get those holiday cards sent out!

Parents kiss while their young daughters smile in Castle Rock, Colorado.

3. If you love winter sports, this is your moment!

Seniors - do you love to ski or board? Or have any other winter and snow specific interests? Then this is the PERFECT opportunity to get senior photos that are truly YOU, and also different than all of your friends! If you love winter and want to have a snowy session, I highly encourage taking your senior photos during the winter of your JUNIOR year since most yearbook deadlines are between October and the end of the 1st semester in December.

Families - are you tired of just dressing up and standing and smiling in front of the camera? Do something different this year! Bundle up and have a snowball fight. Build an igloo in a field, or a snowman - be sure to bring a scarf and hat for him, too! Have me come up and photograph you all at your favorite ski resort or one of our state or national parks. You won't regret doing something different this year!

Three teen children hug and smile while their parents embrace in the background in Black Forest, Colorado.
Senior girl squats on the ice and smiles at Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

4. No heat, no bugs!

This might be my favorite reason, hahaha! Winter may often be cold, but here in Colorado we also have many nice winter days, even if you aren't so into having photos done in the snow. Simply not roasting your chestnuts and being bitten by bugs is reason enough for me to prefer photos during the colder months! There are plenty of locations that are absolutely stunning even during the winter - take advantage of one this year and you may never go back to sticky summer photos!

Expectant parents smile at each other while their three young boys play around them in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Husband and wife hold each other and move in to kiss while standing in the snow at their property in Black Forest, CO.

I could go on and on about why this time of year is special and magical. There are so many great reasons to do photos this time of year and I'm here for it! If you're ready for a little adventure and want to be different, I'm absolutely the photographer for you. Click here to get in touch and plan a wintry session today!

Parents with their son and daughter pose together in the snow at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.