Choosing a location for your family photo session in the Colorado Springs area comes with a massive array of choices!

If you take family photos annually or frequently, when it comes time to choose where to go, you’ve probably been left proverbially scratching your head, trying to think of somewhere DIFFERENT to go, that you haven’t before, and not everyone else does. I get it. I’ve been there. As a photographer, I’m always looking for unique spots to take my amazing clients! Here are just a few of my favorites to consider for your next session!

Gold Camp Road

There are a few options for photos along Gold Camp Road, and I’m going to save the specific spots I know for my booked clients (a perk of hiring a professional!) but if you take the time to look for yourself, there are some wonderful locations here! There are incredible views of Colorado Springs and the foothills around the winding bends of this narrow dirt byway, and at the right time of day the light filters through just beautifully. There are views of waterfalls and wildflowers in the summer, and the sun hitting the dust kicked up by a passing vehicle can create an ethereal backdrop. The tunnels on the road leave so many creative opportunities on the table! The possibilities are endless and you don’t even have to leave the area.


Craving gorgeous mountain views and meadows of wildflowers, or lovely aspens in autumn, but don’t want to drive far? This is your spot. It’s a literal gold mine of opportunity just outside of Colorado Springs. Lupines abound in the summer (especially in a year like this!) and the grove of aspens here is absolutely magical in the fall. While there is a short uphill climb from the road to this location, no hiking is involved at all and it’s worth the small effort for these alpine views so close to Colorado Springs!


Just north of Colorado Springs in Monument, this unique location is beautiful, boasts views of the foothills, and nearby Mt. Herman road is also an opportunity for some beautiful, mountainy photos! The rock itself is spectacular and will create such a cool backdrop for your updated family photos. The walk to this spot is very short and kid-friendly and spots along the trail are also picturesque for photos! Kids love exploring here and there’s beauty to be found in every season. If you love the outdoors, this one should definitely be on your location bucket list!

There are so many more locations in this area that are absolutely incredible. When you book your next family photo session with Eden’s Glow Photography, I’ll help you find the best one to match your vision! Click here to get in touch!