We may be in winter's grip right now, but the warmth and color of spring and summer are right around the corner!

Summer and fall especially are prime time for family and senior photos, so now is a great time to begin thinking about getting on your favorite photographer's calendar, especially if you are wanting a weekend date. As a family and senior photographer I SO appreciate when clients book ahead because it gives me plenty of time to help them find the perfection location, and plan all the details for their session well in advance. My goal is always for you to ENJOY your session, not be stressing over it! And planning ahead is the best way to ensure you can relax and enjoy the moments rather than scramble to pull everything together.

When planning your photo session in Colorado, I always suggest planning what you wear around your location! We aren't called "Colorful Colorado" for nothing. :) You want to choose just the right colors to compliment your surroundings without clashing. For instance, if your location is Garden of the Gods (or any kind of red rocks will be appearing in your background) I highly suggest avoiding any colors that span the range of reds/pinks into the oranges. This often enhances color casting - where your skin takes on the tones of bold colors around you (in this case your skin would take on orange hues - not what you want in your photos and very difficult to correct in editing). Green is also a good color to avoid at Garden of the Gods because along with red rocks you are surrounded by deep green trees and greens of any shade can cause you to blend into the background. Avoid greens also if you will be doing your photos in green grass. If the grass is still yellowed, this isn't a problem!

I love recommending neutral colors (tans, creams, light grays...) to my clients any time of the year, because they go with EVERYTHING and create a clean, classic look that never goes out of style. They also help avoid the aforementioned color casting on your skin! As the seasons become more colorful - think green grass and trees and wildflowers - neutrals become even more amazing because when you're surrounded by color but wearing neutrals, you really pop out against the scenery! For spring and summer colors, I recommend sticking to lighter, pastel tones. These can compliment colors around you and achieve the light and airy look you are looking for (if you enjoy a different style for your photos, this advice may not be the best for you!). Mixing a pastel into your neutrals can also create a really nice effect - it doesn't have to be all one or the other!

Another tip I have for you is to mix textures into your clothing choices. Choose some solids, and a mild pattern that 1-2 people in your group wear to create variety and interest. Maybe your daughter's dress has some lacy parts to it, or your husband's tweed suit jacket adds some depth to your look. Be sure your patterns are not too bold - think thinner stripes instead of wider, plaids with fewer grid lines, and no bold colors mixed in (e.g. avoid black and white chevron, but light gray and white would look amazing!).

Choose classic pieces that will never go out of style and flatter many body types! Long skirts and dresses are amazing not only due to their twirl factor, but they can be very slimming. Choose dresses and tops with sleeves, long or short, to make the arms look thinner. You can never go wrong with a button up and jacket for the gentlemen, big and small. Ties, bow ties, and suspenders are wonderful accents too! For the ladies, adding in a statement piece of jewelry - earrings or necklace (I don't recommend both, just one or the other, and make the other one smaller) - a hat for some of your photos, and maybe even a bouquet of flowers - can take your spring and summer photos to the next level!

I do my best to prepare all of my wonderful clients with many resources to help them create beautiful photos that they and their families will treasure for generations. Every client receives a styling guide which includes the above information and so much more, access to my client closet (FREE for all booked clients! I even do the laundry!), and any styling assistance needed as you plan. I love receiving emails with photos, links, descriptions and weighing in to help you be confident in your choices - because how you choose to style your family, especially keeping your background in mind, directly affects the style of your photos and the final product, and I want you to be happy with the choices you make!

If you're ready to get started planning your family or senior session today with a photographer who genuinely wants to help you look and feel your best on session day, inquire here - I can't wait to meet you!

Husband and wife walk through the grass smiling during maternity photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO
Senior girl sits in the grass hugging one knee and touching her hair during senior photos in Colorado Springs, CO
Husband and wife share a kiss as their dog looks on during photos at Cheyenne Canon in Colorado Springs, CO
Little girl smiles and sits with her baby sister in the grass during family photos in Colorado Springs, CO
Husband and wife stand smiling at one another during photos at Monument Rock in Monument, CO
Teen girl knees on a bridge resting her head on her hand and looking left during photos in Colorado Springs, CO
Parents and their three children walk together during family photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
Parents and their teen boys pose together smiling in the summer sunflowers during family photos in Colorado Springs.
Senior guy stands with hands in pockets smiling to his left during senior photos at Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs.
Husband and wife kiss with their hands on her pregnant belly during maternity photos in Black Forest, CO
Senior girl in flowy dress walks through the woods and smiles to her right during senior photos in Black Forest, CO.
Senior girl smiles with hands on hips and kicking her foot up during senior photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado
Parents stand among wildflowers smiling with their one year old daughter during family photos in Black Forest, CO
Husband nuzzles his wife's temple as she smiles and they hold hands during photos at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Spring
Parents and their four young children walk together during their family photo session at Monument Rock in Monument, CO,
Young lady hugs her boyfriend around the neck smiling at him and kicking her foot up during photos in Woodland Park, CO
Senior girl sits in the grass hugging her knee and gazing sideways during her senior session in Colorado Springs.