Kylie & I met when her family came to their first session with me decked out in Christmas attire, and then we met again this past fall when they played with kittens on a farm!

For this third meeting, we were celebrating Kylie graduating EARLY!!! This fabulous young lady is not only drop-dead gorgeous, she's incredibly smart! With the news of her now-upcoming graduation, her mama wanted to get her senior photos done as soon as possible to ensure she had them back in time to add to invitations and party items (good move, mama!). So we decided to brave the potentially chilly December winter, and even chose a location sure to be icy this time of year - Helen Hunt Falls!

While the waters rage in the summer time, the falls and stream below were mostly iced over despite some nice unseasonal temperatures in the 50s (one perk to living in Colorado - mild days can happen any time of year!). It's difficult to tell in the photos but behind a veil of ice, some water still crashed down from above.

Before we headed down to the ice, we took advantage of GORGEOUS golden hour light filtering through the trees directly onto an amazing stone staircase above the falls. Kylie chose a stunning red dress for this part of her session, and we also got some cap and gown photos! Good thinking again, mama! This was absolutely perfect for this setting. We yielded to hikers a few times, but another perk to a winter session is there was far less foot traffic than usual at this popular location.

Kylie chose a casual look for her photos down on the ice - a plaid shirt layered over a plain top and her usual comfortable jeans. Her colors helped her pop against the white ice but also matched the scenery around her, creating a visually appealing look. We were very careful to choose our spots on the ice safely. Safety should (and does with EGP!) take priority over getting a "cool shot". I will always have a back-up plan if we can't safely achieve the look we are hoping for, and you can bet it will still be epic!

Congratulations, Kylie! It's been so fun getting to know you and I am excited to see where your life takes you!

If you're ready to plan your own epic senior session, get in touch! I'll be there every step of the way to create a photo experience that reflects who YOU really are!