One of the most common requests from clients is photos that look "natural".

Not to "posey". People like "candid" shots. They worry they and their families will look too stiff and unnatural in photos.

I get it! I like those things in my photos too! :) What a lot of non-photographer people do not realize, is that even the most candid photos were often created with light posing and some basic prompts to get families interacting naturally with one another.

As your Colorado Springs family and senior photographer, this is absolutely my goal for you, too!

One of the biggest and best things you can do to work with me, or whoever your photographer is, is to just let your kids be kids. As a mama myself, I know just how badly I crave photos of my little girl looking and smiling at the camera - and I don't mean the Chandler-smile (friends fans here? Anyone?) but natural, beautiful smiles like I see when she's just playing and giggling at home.

If you're a parent, you know what a challenge THAT can be.

So I'll often try and get kids to play games together and/or with their parents. I'll ask parents to tickle their kids. I'll see if anyone has a funny story or joke to share, or have a parent share an embarrassing or silly memory. And while you're doing those things, my shutter button is flying! And the results are almost always beautiful and natural, just what you're looking for!

If your kid gets grumpy and isn't having it and just wants to wander, let them for a minute! It's a great opportunity for your photographer to capture some other relationships in your family, and/or connect with your wanderer and capture them doing whatever they are doing in the moment.

As the parent, if you're hoping for the most natural and unposed photos possible, try your best not to worry about if your kids are looking or acting perfect, and just be ready to smile at the camera or interact with your kids. The more you worry and stress, the more your kids pick up on it and will not give you those natural smiles and interactions you're hoping for. The best thing you can do is remember that if your kids are being a bit uncooperative or goofy, that is part of this season of life and one day you're going to look back on these photos with fondness and wish your kids were still that little. <3

Trust your photographer to capture your vision. Communicate that vision with your photographer ahead of time. Check out your photographer's website and social media to see if you connect with not only the visual style of their photography (light and airy, dark and moody, bright and true to life...) but also the way they interact with their subjects. I don't post many photos of people looking at the camera, even though I ALWAYS get those shots, because my favorite moments are the ones that happen in between me giving specific instructions.

Whatever you're hoping for in your photos, your photographer's job is to help you achieve that goal, and it gives us great joy to see your family light up with smiles and laughter!

Ready to book a session that captures your most natural moments together? Click here to get started!

Couple expecting their first baby snuggle and laugh in the street in Abilene, Texas.
Mom and one of her sons snuggle the newest baby boy in Monument, Colorado.
Expectant mom of three boys kisses her husband as her sons play around them in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Mom, Dad, and their four sons snuggle on their bed in Monument, Colorado.
Family with three teens goof off together in front of a vintage red truck in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Husband nuzzles his wife as she giggles while they sit on a vintage red truck in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Parents with toddler girl snuggle their new baby boy in Larkspur, Colorado.
Mom snuggles her baby boy and holds her toddler girl's hand as they walk through the meadow in Larkspur, Colorado.
Parents snuggle their new baby boy as their toddler girl wanders toward the camera in Larkspur, Colorado.
Two brothers sit in a red truck hold a watermelon and giggle in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Mom holds her baby girl and sits next to her older daughter in an egg chair in Black Forest, Colorado.
Mom snuggles with her teen and toddler daughters in a greenhouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Parents lift their toddler boy into the air and smile as he giggles in Abilene, Texas.
Parents snuggle their toddler children in the bed of a vintage truck in Colorado Springs, Colorado.