For most people, taking professional photos in the Colorado Springs area means they are looking for our iconic backdrops. And none is more iconic here than Pikes Peak!

There are a number of places in the Colorado Springs area to get beautiful views of Pikes Peak in the background. I'm going to share my top favorites here for you so you can choose the best one for your next photo session!

1. High Point Overlook

This is my favorite view of Pikes Peak from the front range because it feels like Pikes Peak is RIGHT behind you! Depending on the time of day and time of year, so many details of the mountains behind you really pop out and create some dramatic images. With snow on the peak, you'll pop out of your photos even more! This is also a great spot after a recent snow for photos if you want to be IN the snow - just wear sturdy shoes and be ready for adventure. :)

For this location I highly recommend wearing neutral colors!

senior girl poses with hat in front of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

2. Palmer Park

My second favorite view of Pikes Peak from the front range - the only reason it's not number one is because here, you're a bit farther away from the peak - but it it still quite prominent. In the late afternoon sun the peak can be lost in the hazy bright light, so be sure to plan your session here close to sunset - when the sun gets close to setting/finally sets, the peak suddenly pops out in all its glory and you get absolutely stunning results!

Less variety of color clashing environment here, so if you prefer to wear colors/patterns, this is a great spot!

parents and two young children pose together smiling in front of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

3. Woodland Park area

My absolute favorite view of Pikes Peak is its north face. It's so rugged, and so different from the front range view. I have a favorite spot that's my own little secret to shoot that has stunning views of this north face, and it's only a short, flat, half-mile hike to get there! You can't beat that in the mountains! This secluded spot is so worth the drive, but definitely plan for close to sunset to avoid harsh light.

Because this location is outside of the Colorado Springs area, there is an additional travel fee.

expectant mother and father enjoy a moment together in the woods in front of Pikes Peak in Woodland Park, Colorado

4. Mesa Overlook

Want Garden of the Gods AND Pikes Peak in one shot? This is your spot! As usual this spot is premium JUST as the sun is setting. Places with Pikes Peak/mountain views tend to be very exposed, and unless we are blessed with some clouds the light is often very harsh until close to sundown. When that happens, you can't see the mountains in the background anyway. Mesa Overlook doesn't provide a lot of variety, so if you're looking for just a short time during that sweet sunset spot, I'd start your session at a nearby location that's out of harsh light, then come to Mesa Overlook for the last 20-30 minutes!

couple gazes lovingly into each other's eyes in front of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

5. Ute Valley Park

When you first park at Ute Valley, you don't see much of the Peak. It does peek over the ridge just a little, and that can be a sweet little addition to your photos! See example below. However if you're willing to take a short hike up a moderately steep hill, you'll be greatly rewarded with stunning Peak views! When the Peak is capped in snow, these views are even more gorgeous. I highly recommend starting your session in the lower part of Ute Valley Park and then heading up the hill closer to sundown to get the best results!

senior in graduation cap and gown sits and ponders the future in front of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs
expectant mother kisses her toddler girl while holding her in front of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

Ready to book a session with a stunning Pikes Peak view?

Whether you choose one of these spots or somewhere entirely different, I'm so excited to capture memories with you! With a client closet and a full styling guide to help you prepare, I'm here every step of the way to ensure your session is as stress-free and gorgeous as can be. Click here to get started!