I've lived in Colorado a long time. Wind has always been a factor, but 2022 certainly took it up several notches!

We have to face the facts - we live in the 9th windiest state in the USA. Ugh. And NOBODY wants wind blown hair in their photos! But what can we do about it other than putting it all the way up? Here are a few tips to help you decide what's right for you at your next photo session in windy Colorado (or any of the other windy states!).

1. Lots of hair spray!

While not foolproof, going to town on the hairspray can go a long way towards controlling whispies and fly-aways! Don't be afraid of that helmet-head feeling - embrace it, because the wind and your hair are not friends!

senior girl walking through a snowy, grass field in Colorado Springs at sunset

2. Wear a hat.

Hats are adorable and they add SO many possibilities to your session! And, when it's windy, they can play a huge roll in controlling the hair. Just be sure to choose a hat that fits well, has a band to hold it on your head, or use clips if necessary.

young woman in a hat sitting on a rock at sunset overlooking the front range of Colorado Springs
teen girl in a winter cap smiling in a grassy meadow in Colorado Springs

3. Style your hair partially up, partially down.

If you're anything like me, you prefer your hair down for pictures. Also if you're like me, when it's windy, your hair ends up blowing across your face and getting in your mouth and wreaking havoc on your perfectly planned portrait session. Ugh! A good happy-medium for a windy day is to style your hair so it's partly up, partly down. I like to take the front parts and style them back in a partial pony. This look is super cute, your hair will still be down, but a lot less likely to blow across your face. It doesn't prevent all of the wind problems but definitely minimizes them!

family of four with a toddler girl and baby boy snuggling in a greenhouse in Colorado Springs
parents kissing their baby girl in Black Forest, Colorado
Expecting mother kisses her husband as they snuggle their baby bump in Colorado Springs

4. Low pony tail to the side.

Another cute hair style I love is having my hair in a low pony (at the base of your head) but styling it to one side or the other (think like Katniss Everdeen with her braid, in the Hunger Games). This look is super cute and shows off the length of your hair without hiding it behind you. It also looks great if you want to add a hat for some photos! Just hair spray the top part to take care of baby hairs and fly-aways. :) (I don't currently have a good example of this, but hopefully you get the idea!)

Mom gazes at her baby girl, sitting on daddy's shoulders, while he smiles with Pikes Peak behind in Colorado Springs.
couple snuggle together and smile as the sun sets at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

5. Just wear it all the way up. :)

Sometimes we just have to embrace the situation and do what works best even if it's not what we prefer! There are super nice ways to style your hair up (or a great excuse to just get your hair done that day!) and just avoid the wind mess altogether.

bride and groom smile nose to nose among the Aspens in Cripple Creek, Colorado
Bride poses with her hand on her hip facing away from the camera and looks to the side in Cripple Creek, Colorado

If at all possible I always recommend having your hair done the day of your session so it's just right for photos! That's what I do for all of my sessions and it's nice to feel confident about your hair every time. I provide stylist recommendations to my clients, too!

Whatever you do to keep your hair from going completely cray-cray on picture day, rest assured that as your photographer, I've got your back! (Or, head in this case... oh goodness I'm in rare form today!) I will do my best to pose you in ways that will help minimize blowy hair, and when it comes down to it, I have the editing skills to help fix many windy hair issues. It's best to minimize issues before the session and at the session though, so use these tips to prepare in advance - and always check the forecast!

Do you have any awesome hair tips to share? Send them my way! :)