There is much irony in that often as people we desire to stand out and be unique, but we also want to “fit in”. What a conundrum! I remember when I finally got courageous enough to truly be myself. The first major thing I did to show this outwardly was to purchase an Orange Honda Fit. I still miss that car! And orange is still my favorite color (even though I look terrible in it). 

Here are a few tips to ensure you have photos you love that aren’t a carbon copy of everyone else’s.

Choose a unique location

If you have the opportunity to go somewhere few others have access to, take it! Maybe you or a family member lives on beautiful private property. Maybe you have a special skill that gives you access to places others may not, like an air field, a sports venue, a concert hall or stage. Maybe your family is willing to travel for your senior session to a national park, or you decide to take your photos when you’re on vacation somewhere you love! Location makes such a huge difference for photos that stand out from the crowd!

If you're not sure where to go, don't worry - all of my clients receive a full-length, photographic location guide to help you choose the senior location of your dreams!

Include a unique item/prop

Most seniors will choose some outfits and a cool spot and take their photos - and that’s it. Nothing wrong with that! If you want your photos to be really unique, strive to include something else in your photos to pose with. This could be as simple as a flower bouquet or crown, or a piece of sports equipment. If you’re a musician, bring your instrument, and maybe even a few sheets of your favorite music! Are you involved with equestrian sports or your family has a horse? Work with your photographer to include your horse and possibly even some action shots doing your event! Do you love to work on cars? Create custom charcuterie boards? Have a special skill for knitting or crocheting? Volunteer at the zoo? Are you an avid hiker or skiier/snowboarder? These can all be a part of your photos. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Be willing to be flexible with posing

Today's generations are so used to being in front of the camera that you may feel SO ready to strike different poses for your session - which is great! If you want photos that are going to stand out from your peers, work with your photographer to capture some more candid moments - and even better, choose a photographer who can help create these moments with you! As you stroll through the flowers, or walk down the street with an exaggerated motion, or jump into the air, be sure to laugh genuinely! It's totally okay to laugh at how ridiculous a pose/prompt might feel - photography can FEEL awkward in order to LOOK natural! Natural smiles and laughter are so much more genuine!

Ready to work with a photographer who can help you choose the perfect location, work your unique personality and talents into your photos, and help you pose in ways that are all natural and all YOU? Inquire here to get started planning your senior session!

Senior girl sits on a rock holding her volleyball and smiling during senior photos at Cathedral Pines in Black Forest CO
Senior guy kneels by flowers smiling during senior photos at Garden of the Gods
Senior girl in white dress sits in the grass holding a bouquet of flowers during senior photos in Black Forest, Colorado
Senior boy holds his suspenders smiling to his left during senior photos at Siamese Twins Garden of the Gods
Senior guy in suit stands holding his jacket lapel and smiling to his right during senior photos at Pine Creek High
Senior girl in a letter jacket stands smiling on a parking garage roof and lowers her sunglasses during senior photos
Senior girl kneels among the sunflowers and smiles during her senior photo session in colorado Springs
Senior girl in a rust colored dress giggles as she holds a kitten during her senior photos in Larkspur, Colorado.
Senior boy leans on a fence along a trail at Bear Creek Park and looks over his shoulder during his senior photo session
Senior boy stands on the rocks looking to the side during senior photos at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs at sunset
Senior girl in blue dress kneels on a trail in Colorado Springs with her cello during her senior photo session.
Senior girl poses on a trail in Black Forest with her homemade sword during her senior photo session.
Senior girl poses by balanced rock at Garden of the Gods smiling with an umbrella during her senior photo session.
Senior girl in flannel shirt poses with hand on her hip smiling with a rainbow behind her during her senior photos.
Senior boy stands in the street in downtown Colorado Springs playing his trumpet during his senior photo session.