You did it - you FINALLY made it to your senior year! You thought it would never come. You’re almost done with school! Senior year comes with so many feelings and special events. Your last homecoming and prom, senior sunrise, senior breakfast, college applications and acceptances, your capping ceremony… and of course, senior photos! 

Senior photos have evolved a LOT over the years, from being pretty much non-existent, to everyone being required to wear the same thing for the yearbook photo, to the evolution of digital photography and individualized photos. These days you have almost complete freedom of expression for your senior session, so take advantage of that! Your senior photo session should highlight everything that makes you, you. Your interests, personality, style, and more! As your senior photographer here in Colorado Springs, I’ll help walk you through planning your session to ensure it is everything you want it to be, but here are a few tips to help you get started!

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Most seniors have photos done in the fall of their senior year. It’s a beautiful time of year and your senior year is just beginning. Most yearbook deadlines fall between September and November. Even if you want fall photos, I recommend getting on your photographer’s calendar EARLY! Our calendars are MOST busy in the fall season and if you wait until the last minute, your first choice of photographer may not have any availability! We usually take a limited number of sessions each week to ensure you have the best quality experience and get your photos back as quickly as possible! 

You might even consider having your photos done in a different season - the spring or summer before senior year is a great choice! If you really love winter and/or winter sports, you might even consider winter of your junior year!

Choose at least two very different outfits for your session.

I usually recommend a minimum of one “nice” outfit (dress for the ladies and slacks, button up, and a tie or bow tie for the gentlemen), and one more nice-casual outfit that shows off your personal style. Additionally, you could also include an outfit related to an activity you enjoy, like your athletic uniform or marching band uniform! I ensure my senior sessions are all long enough to accommodate multiple outfit changes to showcase everything about who you are! I also have a changing tent for quick and easy outfit changes on-location.

Include special items in your session.

If you’re an athlete, along with wearing your uniform, bring the equipment that goes along with your sport. You might even arrange to have these photos taken on your playing field at school! (Always ask permission first!) If you’re a musician, bring your instrument. Love books? Bring a stack of your favorites! Maybe you love animals and/or have a beloved pet. Let’s discuss how to include them in your session! Maybe you do a really unique activity - equine sports, you got your pilot’s license, your family owns a classic car, etc. Let’s include that in your session! You’ll be so glad you did!

Location matters!

Choose a location that truly suits you. Your photographer should play a big role in this unless you know in advance you have access to somewhere really unique and special. For instance, I have an extensive location list I provide to my clients with photo examples. If your vibe is urban, don’t choose Garden of the Gods! We’ll go downtown. Season also matters. If you love wildflowers, make sure you book for a late spring or summer session, or you’ll likely be disappointed. If you desire a unique spot like an airfield (if you’re a young pilot!) or athletic field, or an arena to showcase your rodeo skills on your horse, these will likely require some extra planning - think ahead!

Bonus Tip: Choose a photographer you jive with!

Not all photographers are the same, and your senior photo session experience is about a lot more than just taking nice photos. You should select a photographer whose STYLE you like, and whose PERSONALITY you like. Pretty much every legitimate photographer will have a website showcasing their work - pay attention to their editing style (and look for consistency), and their posing. If you like what you see, be sure to read the photographer's "about" page. You can get a pretty good idea of what they are like as a person, what their values and priorities are as a photographer and as a person, and figure out if you'd get along well - you want to choose someone you can be yourself with and have fun with, who can capture you as naturally as possible! And if you're not sure, it's totally okay to reach out to the photographer and ask any questions you have!

As you approach your senior year, I’m sure you’re excited about all the fun memories and events coming up. Be sure to plan ahead so that all of your visions and dreams can become a reality! This is true for your senior photos and for life in general. Be sure to enjoy these moments. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back on these memories years down the road, and you want to ensure they are moments that will bring a smile to your face!

Ready to get started? Reach out to me today to get your senior session date on the calendar!

College senior girl in cap and gown walks through the snow during senior photos at the Flatirons in Boulder, CO.
Senior girl giggles into her hands and lifts one leg during senior photos at Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado.
Senior guy holds his jacket lapel and smiles during senior photos at Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs.
Senior girl in blue dress stands in a garden holding flowers looking left during senior photos at Miramont Castle.
Senior guy in flannel shirt holds onto his shirt and smiles in an alleyway during photos in downtown Colorado Springs.
Senior girl poses with one hand on her hip smiling to her right during senior photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado.
Senior guy in letter jacket poses with hands in pockets at sunset during senior photos at Palmer Park in Colorado Spring
Senior guy plays his trumpet on top of a parking garage roof at sunset during senior photos in downtown Colorado Springs
Senior girl with hands on her hips smiles and spins around at sunset during senior photos at Garden of the Gods.
Senior girl walks through the grass touching it with her fingers during senior photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado.
Senior girl in a wheelchair sits among the sunflowers smiling during senior photos at Garden of the Gods in Colorado.
Senior guy sits on the rocks at Siamese Twins Garden of the Gods smiling during senior photos in Colorado Springs.