My first connection with the Grice family was when I stepped into Lindsey's 8th grade band class in February, 2017.

For four years I was a middle school band teacher, a job I loved but left so I could spend more time with my daughter while she grows up. I replaced Lindsey's previous teacher, who had to make a sudden out-of-state move. This can be really tough on students, especially when you've had the same teacher for a few years. (It's hard on us teachers, too - I do miss those amazing students sometimes, and will never forget them!).

It wasn't long before I noticed something in Lindsey that she did not yet see in herself.

I will save more of Lindsey's story for her own post with her senior session, but suffice to say that she has remained a part of my life, and I was so honored when she and her parents requested family photos early this year while Lindsey's brother was in town visiting.

I always get excited when Clients choose Black Forest Park! The open field provides some beautiful views with just a hint of the mountains. The lovely ponderosa pine forest can create such a magical effect with photos, especially later in the day when the sinking sun sends its rays gleaming and broken through the pine boughs. It's even more of a treat in the cold, winter months when there is snow on the ground! Thankfully, we had mostly-comfortable temperatures and some beautiful sunlight for this fun family session.

The first thing I noticed about Lindsey's family was how FUN they are! They aren't afraid to be goofy and tease each other. This didn't surprise me, based on what I already knew about Lindsey! :) It made the session so much fun, capturing the unique relationships in this family.

Tip: if you want authentic family photos, the best thing you can do is to truly be yourselves! You'll still get the nice portraits, but you're going to get something more as well - photos that showcase your unique family dynamics and sense of humor, and candid moments you may otherwise never have seen in photographs!

Lindsey clearly has a close bond with each of her parents. Getting to photograph her with her mom and dad was a special treat. These connections are going to carry across the years and make an impact in their lives in big ways and I can't wait to see the ripple effects. I hope to have such a relationship with my daughter when she's grown.

And what about Lindsey and her brother, Cory? Well, they have a pretty typical sibling relationship at this point. :) As siblings usually do, they will likely appreciate each other more and more as they move forward in life, and for now at least have a healthy respect for one another!

I am so thankful for the beautiful January day I got to spend with the Grice family at Black Forest Park! Stacy and Travis are about to be empty nesters, with Cory in another state serving with the Air Force, and Lindsey about to graduate from high school. They won't regret making the time to document this chapter in their life story as big changes are ahead for their family!

Let's capture your own story for your family to cherish for generations to come.

Let's connect and plan your next session today! It is truly a pleasure for me to celebrate all that you and your family are through images that will be treasured keepsakes for all time!