Warm sun, blue skies, gentle breeze...

There couldn't have been better weather for beautiful spring mini sessions! And with Colorado having such volatile spring weather, we got lucky! It snowed a couple of days before these sessions. Nail-biting much?! But it worked out, and we had an AMAZING time!!!

First I got to meet the sweet Jackson family! Desi had warned me ahead of time that her boys might be a little shy, especially four-year-old Wyatt. We discussed some strategies to help make him comfortable, just in case, but we didn't even need them! Wyatt was a rock star! His little brother, one-year-old Logan, was too. Did they always look at the camera and smile? Nope. Were they stinkin' adorable in every. single. picture? You bet! You don't always need the "perfect shot" to get the perfect moment. I LOVE capturing candid moments and this family made it easy! I loved how unafraid they were to play with their boys and enjoy themselves. We captured genuine images they love!

Next up was the Bush family! I felt like I'd made a friend instantly with them. It helped that we were all wearing our favorite cowboy boots! They were so relaxed and down to earth. Their precious boys, Clayton and Ryland, were as different as could be, and both oh-so-much fun! Clayton gave me the biggest grins and was so easy to work with. Ryland, being just shy of two years old, was EVERYWHERE. :) I loved his independence! Again, it made getting some candid moments pretty easy! ;) His parents knew how to wrangle him in at the right moment, and "poses" involving tickle fights and running hugs made for sweet moments that didn't require being still - because when you're a toddler, who has time for that?!

In the middle of the pack were sweet Taylor and her son Jackson. They came dressed to PERFECTION! Their pink and light denim complimented the teepee and spring florals, and even the light pink rug, just right. Mother and son both have stunning, big, blue eyes and Jackson has THE most heart-melting smile I have ever seen. Taylor had some really great pose ideas, too, and getting great images of these two was an absolute breeze.

I also hit the jackpot with Jenn and her son, Elliot. Jenn is a weight lifter, so I knew I had to incorporate that into her session somehow. I was seriously impressed when she easily dead-lifted her son... I am pretty sure they had to have done that before. ;) That looked practiced! I totally saw myself and my own kiddo in these two. They have a goofy yet loving relationship and it came through so clearly in their pictures. I hope to have this kind of relationship with my sweet girl some day!

Last for the day was precious Bella! This adorable little girl came dressed to the nines in her beautiful rainbow-hued unicorn dress, complete with matching hair accessories. Big sister even revealed a special giant unicorn COOKIE for miss Bella to enjoy during her session! She was so shy at first, but we gradually got her to open up and by we I mean big sissy! Without her I'm not sure we would have gotten the smiles we did in the very short time we had for a mini. Having someone extra to help when your littles are shy makes SUCH a difference! We photographers always try our best, but especially in a mini session setting with limited time, we need all the help we can get - toddlers have a mind of their OWN! But we managed to celebrate this sweetie's 3rd birthday just right!

What do you think? Should Spring Minis be a repeat in 2022???

What's your story? Let's capture your own memories to cherish for generations to come.

Let's connect and plan your next session today! It is truly a pleasure for me to celebrate all that you and your family are through images that will be treasured keepsakes for all time!