Location Guide

Need a little help choosing a location for your session?

First - if you know someone with an awesome property, or have access to somewhere unique, that's the BEST place to start! Spots like these will give you photos that NO ONE ELSE can get!

If you don't, no worries at all! Click the links below for more information on locations in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas! (If there isn't a link yet, I haven't written an in-depth post about that location yet.)

Bear Creek Park East

This little hidden gem boasts a beautiful bridge with mountain views, a bubbling creek, and gorgeous foliage.

Bear Creek Park West

Just across the street from Bear Creek East, find stunning mountain views and gorgeous sunsets! There is so much to explore at this large and diverse park!

Black Forest Park

If you want a beautiful, forested location that isn't overcrowded, this is a great spot. When not in use, the intramural fields provide a beautiful open-sky backdrop. There are plenty of trails through the trees to find beautiful spots all over the park!

Black Forest Section 16 Trail

My favorite spot on this trail often boasts golden sunset light in the summer along with beautiful wildflowers! And when it snows in the winter, it's like walking into a snow globe!

Blodgett Open Space

Right up against the foothills, this open space provides a dramatic mountain backdrop, beautiful colors in the fall, and lovely evergreens all year round. Would be SO pretty in the snow!

Cripple Creek

Especially in the fall, Cripple Creek is worth the drive for some gorgeous foliage among the aspens! There are so many unique photo opportunities in and near this historic mountain town.

Dawson Butte Open Space

If you're up in the Castle Rock area, this open space is perfect! Or if you're in the Springs and willing to travel for something a bit different. There are both open meadow views and forested paths that provide beautiful photo spots.

Downtown Colorado Springs

From parking garage rooftops to the unique spots tucked away in the streets below, downtown is a great spot for those who have a flair for the urban!

Fountain Creek Park

This park has so much to offer. Giant cottonwoods are beautiful in any season, meandering trails through meadows will sometimes offer a sighting of white-tailed deer, and Fountain Creek itself is such a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Fox Run Park

Beautiful woodsy spots, a pretty little stream, and the ponds provide lots of possibilities for this lovely park just to the north of Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods - Balanced Rock

Upsides: SO many various opportunities here for photos. The road, the rock itself, and lots of spots all around. An entire session could easily be accomplished here.

Downside: lots and lots of people to work around. Still worth it though!

Garden of the Gods - Central Meadow

This one does require a bit of walking but is well worth the effort! Towering cottonwoods and stunning views of the red rocks provide a lot of variety and quintessential Colorado views.

Garden of the Gods - High Point Overlook

Dramatic Pikes Peak views and Garden of the Gods combine for the quintessential location for Colorado Springs!

Garden of the Gods - Kissing Camels

A short walk from the main parking area at Garden of the Gods, you can't go wrong with the views along this trail. The more adventurous you are, the more options you have! But if you're not up for much, it's a short, flat walk to this spot that is often teeming with wildflowers in the summer!

Garden of the Gods - Siamese twins

A short hike is totally worth it for this incredible spot! Dramatic rock formations and an epic Pikes Peak view provide a lot of variety in one small space.

Gold Camp Road

There are many different spots along Gold Camp Road that are beautiful for photos and I can help you choose the best one for you! It's a great spot for beautiful mountain views without having to go too far!

Helen Hunt Falls

So many possibilities here just waiting to be explored! Of course the falls themselves, the incredible stone staircase leading up to the hiking trail, and more pretty spots just below the falls along the creek await you!

Homestead Regional Park

This beautiful park has both open grassy meadows, and forested paths. A wonderful option for those in Falcon and Peyton!

La Foret

With permission to use the property, La Foret is a fun spot for your next session, especially if you are looking for a Pine forest view!

Lodge at Cathedral Pines

With permission to use the property, you won't be disappointed in what Cathedral Pines has to offer. Their landscaping boasts many small waterfalls, large rocks, and in the summer, beautiful landscaping including colorful flowers. A trail nearby offers a more rustic, woodsy vibe.

Meddings Farm

Looking for something totally different? Meddings Farm provides a wonderful rural setting complete with a barn built in the 1890s! Beautiful meadows with forest and mountain views provide a diverse array of background options in one location.

Mesa Overlook

Mesa is perfect for just the right combination of Garden of the Gods AND Pikes Peak together! It's hard to find a place to get both in one photo - and this is it!

Monument Rock

Such a cool spot just to the north of Colorado Springs! Just a short walk takes you to this fun place, kids will love running around exploring and the views are gorgeous with the foothills and Mt Herman RIGHT there and lovely views to Black Forest and the eastern plains.

The Paint Mines

Out in Calhan, the Paint Mines provide an other-worldly location for your photos among white, red, and tan rocks. There are also open plains which from out east seem to stretch on forever.

$100 site fee required.

Palmer Park - Council Grounds

Dramatic rock formations and beautiful wooded paths define this under rated spot at Palmer Park! Gorgeous any time of year and very little walking required - or you can hike a ways for some additional interesting and beautiful spots!

Palmer Park Overlook

This gorgeous location features an epic Pikes Peak view, beautiful white rock to help create those perfect light, airy, dreamy photos and skin tones, and surrounding pine forest for a stunning session location.

Palmer Park - Yucca Flats

Another great spot for beautiful Peak views! There's absolutely no shade here, so sessions here should be done closer to sunset especially if cloud cover is minimal or nonexistent. There are lots of trails to wander which makes for wonderful candid, natural photos!

Phelan Gardens Greenhouse

If you're looking for something lush and green (especially in the colder months) this is it! The greenhouse is also heated so you'll stay especially warm. Imagine walking hand in hand with your little one through a fairy land or kissing your love among the flowers.

Pine Meadows Venue

This adorable privately-owned venue is available for rental in Black Forest! The rental fee includes customized staging with a wide array of options available. Perfect for light and airy photos with a farmhouse touch!

Rampart Range Road

This is one of the closest spots to get to the High Country without the drive! The Peak views are absolutely incredible. There are aspens nearby and views of the distant mountains from high grassy meadows.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Dramatic red rocks without the crowds of Garden of the Gods, especially in the off-season (but still a popular hiking destination). There's a beautiful little pond and views both to Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain. Beautiful grassy meadows and paths through the rocks and trees provide so many options!

Rock Island Trailhead

If you're in Falcon, and just need a close by place for photos, this little spot is perfect! Especially in the summer and fall.

Rock Ledge Range

This historic spot in Colorado Springs is so much fun! There are a lot of opportunities on the property from the white barn, to the summer gardens spilling over with sunflowers, to paths meandering around ponds and historic buildings, bridges and sunsets filtering through the trees. The $50 site fee is absolutely worth it here.

Sandstone Ranch Open Space

Located up north not too far from Larkspur, this beautiful open space was once destined to be developed but thankfully, was preserved thanks to its beautiful meadows of wildflowers, interesting rock formations, and beautiful mountain views.

Spruce Mountain Open Space

Stunning views of the surrounding buttes... wildflowers galore in the summer... and a short walk to those stunning vistas make Spruce Mountain Open Space near Palmer Lake the PERFECT spot for your session!

Starsmore Nature Center

Known mostly for the beautiful stone bridges a short walk from parking, this area also boasts both beautiful forest and meadow scenes!

Stratton Open Space

Beautiful any time of year, Stratton Open Space offers gorgeous mountain views, lots of sunflowers in the late summer, and open paths through grassy meadows.

US Olympic Training Center Museum

The highlight here is the bridge, with its unique architecture one direction, and beautiful views of Pikes Peak and the front range in the other. If you love an urban look you could use many areas around the museum itself, and in the summer the landscaping around America the Beautiful Park below is lovely as well!

Ute Valley Park

Tucked away on the west side, Ute Valley is a lovely spot for a variety of photos. The boardwalk near the parking area is a popular photo spot, and there is so much to explore - just up a hill are unobstructed Pikes Peak views, or head west a bit from the parking area for beautiful wooded trails.

Windfall Park

My best-kept secret (so far at least), this quiet little neighborhood park has beautiful open meadows that burst with wildflowers in the summer and some lovely ponderosa pines with a trail sorts to follow for multiple location options.