Sometimes the unexpected happens during a session, and you just have to roll with it!

In the case of the Tierney family, the unexpected was rain, rain, and more rain! Not only did we have to reschedule this session twice for rain, it STILL managed to sneak up on us, TWICE, during our time together at Garden of the Gods! That's what we get for defying the forecast to make this session happen anyway. NO regrets!!!

Never fear... umbrellas are here! Thanks goodness the family had two matching black umbrellas in their car, which looked great during their session! (I hadn't yet purchased my clear umbrellas for clients to use... this experience spurred me to action!) The umbrellas brought out the adventuresome spirit in the children, Kristen and Ethan. :)

We got through the first part of our session with stunning views south towards Cheyenne Mountain, the sun and rain combining to form a jaw-dropping scene of watery crystals illuminated in the brilliant Colorado evening storm light, and lush emerald greens everywhere around us. We have had a gorgeous spring in Colorado on the front range thanks to healthy rain and snowfall. I'm thankful we get to remember this season with these beautiful images!

As the rain stopped we ditched the umbrellas (keeping them close by, of course, haha!) and ventured out onto the gorgeous red rocks of the park. But a few minutes later we were once again inundated with rain, much heavier this time! We took a few umbrella shots, tried to wait it out, then spent 20-30 minutes in the car hoping the weather would clear in time...

...and it did! We had time to get some more lovely family photos with Pikes Peak looming in the background, and some photos of Kristen and Ethan, and Carrie and Shawn together, with the richly colored red rocks and green pines, spruces, and scrub oaks contrasting with the clouds and sunshine to create wonderful splashes of color. I just LOVE how the storms here create such rich, vibrant color!

And can we talk about that last stunning shot of Carrie and Shawn with the setting sun framed perfectly in their sweet kiss??? Scroll down a little more to check THAT out!

We live in Colorado. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and even for a photo session - especially for a photo session! - it's essential to be prepared! Thankfully I have your back! ;) I always have my clear umbrellas handy now just in case. And my Style and Planning Guide, which comes complementary with your session, will help you be prepared for whatever seasonal elements you may face while still looking your best!

If the gorgeous greens of summer are you thing, there's still time to plan a session before the weather cools, but if changing leaves and sweater weather are more your vibe (like me!), it's time to start planning NOW!

Ready for an adventure? Let's capture your own memories to cherish for generations to come.

Let's connect and plan your next session today! It is truly a pleasure for me to celebrate all that you and your family are through images that will be treasured keepsakes for all time!