Senior Year.

For many of us that special, final year of our childhood and schooling years is filled with nostalgia, maybe even a longing for the past and for our youth. Even those for whom high school was not an experience they would care to repeat, often the milestone of senior year brings back some fond memories.

On the cusp between childhood and adulthood are moments we never forget - homecoming, prom, senior skip day, senior pranks, college acceptance letters, capping ceremonies, senior sunrise, bonfires, graduation... many traditions. Oh, and senior photos.

While cap and gown minis are just a tiny celebration of one important part of senior year - graduation itself - they capture this once-in-a-lifetime even that can never be replicated. So many moms and dads tear up at the sight of their baby in a cap and gown, tossing their hat, turning their tassel. I know I will.

Kailee, who was one of my students my first year teaching middle school band, sweetly accepted when I asked her to do promotional photos for these minis. We chose two locations and she rocked them both! Even though Colorado was still brown with winter's sleep, her photos came out so lovely. Kailee is a lovely person inside and out, and I am so excited to see her go on to nursing school at Colorado Christian University in Denver!

My students have always been my "babies" and seeing them grow up melts my heart.

I had the pleasure of doing some of these photos with Alyssa, a homeschool student, as well! This bright, vibrant young lady chose her own colors and did a fabulous job! Against the now-green and beautiful backdrop of Homestead Ranch Park, she looked absolutely stunning in the stormy light of the setting Colorado sun. Alyssa was so easy to work with, too. I felt like I was working with a model!

When she pulled out the Mickey graduation ears at the end, I about died and went to heaven! Total Dis-nerd here.

Kilee, a Falcon High School graduate, is on her way to a college in northeast Colorado to play basketball! Kilee is beautiful, athletic, and hilarious! This young lady had me laughing through her entire session. She allowed me to capture AND share some of those silly moments and I am grateful because they are my favorite! Many of the things us photographers ask our clients to do can feel really silly in the moment even though they look amazing on camera. Kilee rolled with those punches so well even though the "girly" poses felt so different to her as an athlete - but she rocked them, and added her own unique flair, which I love!

Aaaaand she had her own Mickey ears, too! *swoon*

We also celebrated some promotions this spring! Kingston is moving on from elementary school to Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, and his cousin Kay is moving on to Cheyenne Mountain High School! I met these two on a very chilly May day that threatened rain all day and never delivered anything but cold air and wind. They toughed it out so well, and also had fun in the process, showing off their unique personalities and trying some new things for me, too! While high school graduation is the ultimate achievement, these promotion milestones are so dear to us parents as well, and are so worth celebrating!

Now is the time for the Class of 2022 to shine! I can't wait to meet this year's seniors and promoting students and see what they are going to bring to the world. Contact me to book senior sessions soon - my summer calendar is almost full and fall is beginning to book up!

See You Soon!

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