Most of us have friends that come and go in our lives, but that when you reconnect, it's almost like no time has passed at all.

That's how my friendship with Amy is. We met nearly 20 years ago at our church youth group - a unique, tightly-knit group of people I feel so blessed to have been a part of during my last two years of high school. Many of the people I met during that time have had a significant influence on t he person I am today, and many are still my friends.

Over the years it has been a pleasure to see Amy walk with the Lord and see Him move in her life. When she met Eric, I knew she had found someone special! These two are such a perfect fit for one another.

We got together to celebrate their first anniversary a little bit early with a photo session! They officially got married during the pandemic, and never had engagement photos taken, so we took a few special photos to honor that milestone in their relationship as well.

We had to get some dancing shots too - Amy has always been an avid swing and ballroom dancer, and Eric enjoys this pastime with her too!

We chose the unique Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Calhan for this session. In the Springtime, the flowers are beginning to bloom out on the eastern plains, and the grass is beginning to green up, creating a beautiful contrast of color to the predominantly white and reddish-pink hues of the rock formations. The waning light of the sinking sun combined with the heavy clouds from a passing thunderstorm made for absolutely brilliant, gorgeous lighting! Amy's choice of skirt, with its sky blue hue and flowing folds was perfectly suited to the atmosphere of this session.

This summer Amy and Eric finally got to celebrate their marriage with HIS side of the family who live in the Midwest. Their marriage feels so much more official to them now that everyone has been included in celebrating their union!

Reuniting with this special friend who has been there for me so much through the years was a wonderful treat. I am so excited to continue to see her life unfold, now with husband Eric by her side, and see God move in their family! Thank you for honoring me with this session, dear friends, and congratulations again!

What is the current chapter in YOUR story? Let's capture your own memories to cherish for generations to come.

Let's connect and plan your next session today! It is truly a pleasure for me to celebrate all that you and your family are through images that will be treasured keepsakes for all time!