I watched Aislynn and the other tromone players as they maneuvered through each set of the 2017 FHS marching band show, "Pandora's Box".

Some of them, including Aislynn, made it look so easy to hold up the big, heavy instrument - weighing about 5 pounds, but not easy to maintain aloft for extended periods of time, as your arms begin to shake with fatigue - while at the same time marching in a memorized pattern, while playing memorized music at a volume strong enough to reach an audience in football stadium seating during a performance. Intimidated freshmen did not fare so well, but looked to the example of upperclassmen peers to remind them that they would get stronger with practice.

Marching band is a taxing activity. It takes physical strength and coordination, discipline, and a whole lot of air. You practice and practice for MONTHS - learning the music, the drill, and, for new students, fundamentals - for ONE shot at making state. You practice, you perform at some football games, and you go to regionals, hoping all the hard work is worth it for one goal - STATE.

This was my world in high school and college (where the stakes were very different, as college bands are about entertainment rather than competition). Now, I was back as a music teacher and marching band coach, again part of this musical world I love so much.

Coaching marching band introduced me to many wonderful young people, including Aislynn. I always had my camera in tow at practices, capturing memories as I so love to do, and learning about my young subjects as I watched them practice, perform, and build relationships with one another.

Aislynn set a great example from the beginning. She demonstrated confidence, poise, maturity at the appropriate times, and talent to boot. She led the trombones and low brass as section leader as a senior, and performed a fantastic solo for the show in her junior year, complete with choreography, and a duet in her senior year show, "Water Dances" . I was so honored when she asked me to do her senior photos!

She chose Manitou Springs for her session and it was my first time photographing there! Manitou is a fantastic location with so much to offer - Everything from beautiful flowers and greenery, to back alleys, old stone stairways, and quaint and quirky corners many people probably don't even notice. It was October as well, so we had fun with the town's haunted holiday decor! It was a perfect fit for Aislynn's fun personality.

To find out what Aislynn has been up to post-high school, head on over to this post!

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