How many couples get to say they are high school sweethearts?!

Aislynn & Zeke get that bragging right! These two have weathered all of the crazy that high school, adolescence, the changes of post-high school life brings and have come out on top - not only that, but better and stronger!

When I did Aislynn's senior pictures a few years ago, I more officially met Zeke (I'd seen him around the Falcon HS band room plenty a time, always the quiet, devoted boyfriend who wasn't a band kid but basically considered a part of the band by association :) ) and he was so helpful lugging around all of the stuff that senior photos entail - Aislynn's trombone case and outfit changes, bags, etc. All around Manitou Springs. What a guy! We even got a couple shots of them together at the end!

So when the news popped up on my Facebook feed recently that they were engaged, I was SO excited! I wasn't surprised at all - some couples, you just know. And having Aislynn ask me to do these engagement photos was a dream come true! Not only are they amazing, beautiful people both inside and out, they dressed to the nines (they were the first recipients of my new style guide!) and chose gorgeous Garden of the Gods for their session!!!

My daughter and I did a little location scouting for their session. We knew we wanted to do High Point Overlook and Mesa Overlook, but I wanted to find something different, too. And we did! :) It's a random spot, not a place one would probably think of for photos. You don't see Pikes Peak. You don't even necessarily get a lot of the rocks - but you get JUST enough, and some beautiful vistas to the northeast. And no one was there, save a few passing hikers. ;) We couldn't ask for more in a place that can get quite crowded! I love my little hidden gem spot and intend to use it again!!!

Can you tell Zeke did all of this session with a broken foot?! I had NO idea, until near the end of the session when they mentioned it briefly. Holy cow!!! He even gave Aislynn a piggyback ride at the end, for some fun shots - and within a week had surgery on his foot, delaying his departure for a year-long deployment overseas! Now THAT'S dedication, y'all! Zeke set the bar high. How tough are YOU? ;)

We had a lot of fun taking these photos. There was so much laughter. You see mostly the sweet moments. It's just the nature of engagement photos - sweet and romantic. :) But I'll never forget moments like when we were doing a walking pose, and they reached the perfect spot to get the Peak behind them and I said "freeze!" and Zeke just stops with his leg mid-air, hilarious expression, and Aislynn cracks up. I LOVE capturing those moments on camera! The planned, mushy/emotional stuff is great. It creates beautiful images. But whenever I get a chance to show the unique things that make you, YOU, I jump on it! Candids are the best!

I absolutely cannot wait to see where life takes these two amazing people. Aislynn is headed to CU Boulder this fall to major in physics and lean towards astrophysics (can you say beautiful AND brainy?! I love her!) and participate in marching band again! (the former band teacher in me is giddy!) Zeke is overseas for the time being and they are planning their wedding long-distance, bit by bit, for 2022. I'm still supporting them however I can, because I always want to be their for my clients - my friends.

I'm sure I'll be updating on these two in the future!!!

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